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From “Kentucky Monthly” – Nov 2017

“Reconnecting”  by Alex Sandefer
Review of the book:  Dancing Alone Without Music” by Larry B. Gildersleeve
     Bowling Green’s Ben Taylor was raised by his Southern father to be a Christian man.  Readers meet him as an adult in the diametrically different, materialistic world of the financial industry in Chicago.  Although considered by some of his closest friends to be a little narcissistic, Ben worked hard for everything he could ever want in this world: a beautiful wife and a son on the way.  Ben’s world changes dramatically when his wife and unborn baby are killed in a car accident, and then again when he loses his job in the 2008 Great Recession.  He returns home to Bowling Green to recover and rediscover who he is after losing everything.
     Larry B. Gildersleeve’s debut novel, “Dancing Alone Without Music,” follows Ben’s life several years after losing his wife and son. While not always the most likable protagonist, Ben undergoes a change of character when he returns to his hometown, making him relatable to readers who may be dealing with their own difficulties.  With a cast of characters there to support him, including his pastor, best friend, and father, Ben reconnects to his Southern roots, which eventually helps him connect with himself.
     Gildersleeve, a Western Kentucky University alumnus, and his wife live in Bowling Green.   — Alex Sandefer


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