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Dancing Alone Without Music

Raised as a church-going Southern boy, Ben Taylor’s life turns to narcissism and materialism when, after college, he journeys to Chicago to pursue fame and fortune. His professional life exceeds all his lofty expectations, but his personal life is marred by tragedy and self-inflicted misfortune. Then the great recession of 2008 takes him to the depths of financial ruin and despondency. A just-in-time intervention of two men, a pastor and Ben’s best friend, keeps him from making the ultimate surrender and begins his personal and professional restoration. But the winding road of Ben’s journey back is not without additional challenges and setbacks as he discovers new strengths and friendships. While traversing the twists and turns life presents him, he discovers the meaning of a life well lived.

Dancing Alone Without Music is a present-day contemporary novel that will resonate with persons of faith, as well as all those who embrace the merits of perseverance in overcoming life’s challenges. Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to see endorsements.

JUST RELEASED – Follow Your Dreams

The much-anticipated sequel to Dancing Alone Without Music prominently features Marla Jo, and introduces a remarkable African-American entrepreneur, Josephine Gilpin. Readers will learn more about The Judge and The Patriarch, and how their early lives intersected with Josephine in a wonderful way during a difficult time in American history.  And Ben has the child he always longed for.

Set entirely in the Bluegrass state, Follow Your Dreams offers readers a page-turning immersion into the lives of memorable characters facing life and death realities, as well as daunting business and personal challenges that test their relationships – and their faith. Readers will be rewarded with a heartwarming, though surprising, love story, and an inspiring ending.

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